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A Simple Opportunity Just Opened Up for a Smart Resort Marketer to Do Some Serious Good

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If one of you wants to endear your resort to the hearts of the most loyal, true, savvy skiers I’ve ever met (and honestly just good people), now is the time to act.

SnowJournal, as of May 15, 2015, is going to be shut down.

Unless, and that’s the key word here, unless someone steps in and offers enough support to keep it rolling. Someone like you.

True Skiers
Even with all the ski writers hassling gapers about their style, all the skiers demanding 3,000 acres so they “don’t get bored by lunch,” and all the riders who get annoyed at fixed-grip lifts, there’s hope.

And that hope is found at SnowJournal. These are guys and gals who, honest to goodness, love skiing. For example:

Like I said. True skiers, but great people.

The Problem You Can Solve
For the last 15 years, Chris Bradford (the site’s creator) has shelled out nearly $100 a month for the server needed to drive the site. But he just can’t justify it anymore.

Even more, it’s built on old forum software that is heavy, clunky, and is virtually impossible to use on mobile devices. If I were you, I would step in and do four things:

Step 1: Buy the Site
There is something to be said about the fatigue that comes with being responsible for a site that so many people rely on. I think Chris is feeling that. At this point, I don’t think paying for a server is enough. The burden needs to be on new shoulders.

Step 2: Archive the Old, Setup the New
I wouldn’t try to transfer over all content to a new system. Archive the old platform and content but start fresh a new setup. This could be as simple as the $50 ForumEngine Theme and $25/mo Pagely hosting.

Step 3: Stay Out of the Way
After that, don’t be overbearing. Everyone will know you are awesome, there’s no reason to shove anything down their throats. Just be the reason they are able to keep on doing what they do.

Step 4: Use These Guys as an Advisory Board
Finally, whatever you pay for the site will be a pittance compared to what you can learn from them. Organize monthly online meetings or just join in the conversation yourself and bounce ideas off them. You’ll learn volumes like you could have with their recent discussion on spring skiing or perspectives on ducking ropes.

What You Get
In return you will get the props and love from the last group of truly ski-savvy people in the industry.

These guys love skiing, they love to ski, they love to talk about skiing, and if someone can trade support for their online home for a reason to speak highly of your resort…they’ll win.

Now stop sitting here and go do some good.

P.S. – IF you need Chris’s email to reach out and discuss possibilities, let me know.

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