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Skiing is More Than: What?

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Saying I am interested in why people ski is like saying I may be hungry after taking the weekend off from eating. At times, I not even sure why I ski, but the sport draws me in like no other I’ve participated in (that’s a long list). As I take a marketing perspective on this idea, I love finding words that people use to describe their relationship with skiing and reason for loving it as much as they do. These trails of words are always interesting, full of insights into how people think in terms of skiing. This one was no exception. It doesn’t solve the riddle, but it’s a fun piece of the puzzle to examine.

Skiing is more than…

“Skiing is so much more than flying down a mountain. It’s fresh perspectives, good friends and exhilaration every day. Are you in?”
Wagner Skis –

“Skiing is more than just a season…”
Alpine Meadows –…

“When you have the snow and terrain that Alta does, skiing is more than enough.”
Joe Fletcher – USA Today –

“For me, skiing is more than just a sport. It’s a character development activity. It develops good sportsmanship, respect for your fellow athletes, confidence, decision-making and independence. It’s an excellent individual sport. When you’re up on the slopes, whether you’re doing a grand slalom or just going downhill, it’s just you and the clock.”
Bernie Goldman –…

“Skiing is more than a sport to me, it is a lifestyle. I live for it.”
Alice McKennis –…

“We want remind people that skiing is more than just jaw dropping action, it’s a lifestyle that makes the Earth our playground and our lives well lived.”
Patrick Erwin –

“For the King of Cross-Country, Bill Koch, Skiing Is More Than Just a Quick Trip Downhill”
Eric Evans – People Magazine –,,2008454…

“For many, skiing is more than a sport. It’s a passion; a lifestyle that can be enhanced with the opportunity to own a piece of their favorite destination.”
Amahi Majack –

“It’s often said that skiing is more than a sport. It’s a culture that connects winter outdoor enthusiasts through their love of nature, speed, and moving rhythmically down the mountain slopes. ”
Eric Wilbur – –…

“Heli skiing is more than just a sport. It is a challenge to overcome adversity and have tremendous fun while doing it. It provides an enormous adrenaline rush and it is one of the toughest extreme sports there is” –

“In Austria, skiing is more than just a fantastic travel attraction for tourists from around the world – it’s also the cornerstone of the Austrian cultural heritage.” –…

” We understand that skiing is more than simple recreation. It’s not a name, its not an idea, It’s a brand about attitude and a way to live.”
SkiTilIDie –

“skiing is more than a simple for pursuit for many, it’s a passion and a way of life.”
Cape Code Skiing –…

“Skiing is more than a sport. Skiing is a conversation tool, an athletic adventure, and a friend-maker. It brings us together, it helps us heal. Skiing is how we celebrate life. ”
Victor DeLeo – Big Sky –…

“I ski because it’s a part of who i am. Skiing is more than just laying some turns or putting a run together for a competition; it’s a life style i was born into.”
Carrie Rossman –

“Skiing is more than a sport, it is a family lifestyle. Skiing is my whole life. Even if I could not compete I would still somehow be involved in the snow and the mountains.”
Greta Small –…

“The five days of the Aspen Annual Gathering wove a fine taestry of ski history, reminiscnces and memories, and enlightenment showing how deeply skiing is mroe than hills and lifts and skis.”
Skiing Heritage Journal – August 1995 –…

And finally, Glen Plake’s thoughts on how skiing has gone backward (and how that’s a good thing):

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