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Five ways ski resorts are speaking up during Pride Month.

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I deeply admire brands that are able to be vocal and clear in their support of big topics. Whether that’s women’s rights or racial issues or, in this case, support of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Part of my admiration comes from my ongoing challenge I have to follow suit, especially with LGBTQIA+ issues. I deeply feel the impacts they have on my friends and family, but, man, I’m still just struggling to find my a voice to express those feelings in both private and public.

So, this year, I wanted to tip my hat to a few of the brands that are speaking up.

1) Snowbird & Brighton/Solitude Utah Pride Parade

Now in their 10th year of participation, Snowbird, was there as well as a merged presence between Brighton and Solitude.

2) Killington Tickets / Donation

Killington went a similar route selling $25 tickets with all proceeds going to Rutland County Pride.

3) Big White Donation

Along with other efforts, Big White made a $2,606 donation to a local organization, Etcetera that serves 2SLGBTQIA+ youth in their community.

4) Blue Mountain Logo

Blue Mountain has been really vocal, but they’re also one of the few brands that have changed their logo.

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5) Arapahoe Basin Pride Weekend

The Legend spun up some late-May ties to pride month with a pride weekend that may not have actually been during June, but certainly set the stage for those messages.

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