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Sipapu uses marketing skill to keep community informed as wildfire approaches.

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Marketers are good at a lot of things, but not everything. Which means we can feel a bit helpless when things like wildfire threatens your resort.

But you know what resort marketers are good at? Organizing and spreading information.

And, in the face of an early season wildfire near New Mexico’s Sipapu Resort, that’s exactly what their team is both doing now and benefiting from others doing in the past.

Consistent, Concise Info

Sipapu’s Christiana Hudson pointed me to their blog where they’re keeping a running series of updates on everything from what donations are needed to evacuation notices.

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As you can see in the header image of this post, they’ve also let this take over the hero of the homepage.

All those years of:

  • Training all of our locals to go to our website for updates
  • Getting people to subscribe to our emails for news
  • Reminding folks in town to follow us on social media for the latest info

All of these things can make resorts one of the most powerful ally for firefighters at times like this because of the quality and effectiveness of our reach. And the ability for a resort marketing team to quickly get well-created messages out across channels.

Learning From Sierra-at-Tahoe

But Christiana also mentioned something interesting: they’re using some of the practices and lessons that Sierra-at-Tahoe used during their fire.

One of the things I was reminded about at NSAA last week was how little true competition exists in this industry. The level of sharing, collaboration, “we’re all in this together” vibe is amazing.

This is just another example of that, but it’s an important one. Nice work Sipapu team. We’re hoping, praying, and pulling for you! Good luck!

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