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One simple pass product from Sun Peaks throws a bone to a large, overlooked group.

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Within each demographic label we rely on to make decisions sits smaller subsets of people who absolutely deserve to be in that main group but whose behavior varies greatly from their peers.

Take, for example, the label of “family”.

On the surface you’ve got a pretty predictable concept of a parents and kids as you typically see reflected in season pass tables.





Parents (plural) and kids (plural).

Typically you’ll see variations to account for different numbers of kids, just as you see with the fine print for season passes at Sun Peaks.

“Family defined as two parents and dependent children under the age of 19 living in the same principle residence. “

But it’s the next line of the copy that should catch your attention as it did mine.

It says, quite simply.

“Single Parent Family Season Passes are also available on a call-in basis…”

We’ve all heard some statistic on divorce rates and likely have a bunch of friends of family members who would fall into the “single parent family” boat, Sun Peaks didn’t add yet another line to their pass table, they simply said, “look, not all families have two parents at two kids. If you’re one of those, we’ve got your back.”

And those single parents appreciate it.

There are a lot of reasons we could lose skiers. A divorce (with all the costs and stress and time and juggling that go along with it) is certainly one of those things.

If single parent families are common, if that’s a stage of life where expensive, time-intensive things like skiing become even more of a luxury, if our current products don’t address that gap, why not ask those people to give you a call so you can take care of them?

I have no idea how they handle it on the back end, but I love the message it sends on the skier-facing side.

Very well played, Sun Peaks. Good stuff.

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