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In-person rail jam not possible? SilverStar rallied and made it virtual.

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A lot of resorts rely on a steady stream of events to keep the skiers coming throughout the season.

But what do you do when a pandemic strikes?

If you’re SilverStar, you take those same sponsors, some concepts, and same potential participants and create a format for it to work virtually.

Not Just Rail Jam
While it’s not just the rail jam – they’ve also rolled out:

  • Through Your Lens Challenge
  • SEISMIC Hits Series
  • 12 Days of Holidays

…but it’s the rail jam I was most curious about. Doug Chimuk at SilverStar gave me the heads up on this a few weeks ago, and now that time has passed a bit it’s cool to see the results.

And the comments? People are stoked. They love seeing a virtual event over no event.

I love the creativity that is on display this year and this is a perfect example.

Instead of just throwing up their hands and saying “oh well” to any events, Doug and his peers found a new way to keep the stoke – and resort visitation – high.

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