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Shouldn’t Not Having to Make Snow Be a Marketing Strength?

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“As a lover of simplicity, I like to highlight resort marketing that is both effective but incredibly simple in execution. This is one of those examples.”

As much as I love being able to ski lift-serviced terrain by early November here in Colorado, I miss the snowmaking-less runs of yesteryear at Beaver Mountain in Northern Utah.

I’m a huge fan of snowmaking, both as an operational boost as well as something I consider nigh unto an art form, but skiing at a resort that doesn’t have a thick base of bulletproof man made is refreshing.

Like Grand Targhee’s old “snow from heaven, not hoses” tagline, I love to see those lucky few resorts not be afraid to say “yeah, we don’t have snowmaking and we’re proud of it.” Like Powder Mountain:

Source: Powder Mountain Facebook Page

A simple marketing message with a potentially far-reaching message. Good stuff.

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