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Season Passes
Four season pass updates, strategies, and products to keep an eye on.

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A lot is happening in the season pass world right now, so forgive me if I can’t dedicate a post to each thing that’s coming across my radar, but I did want to highlight four things I noticed in the last week or so.

Loon MiD Pass
Short version, it’s a midweek pass with it’s own brand. But when the priority is filling midweeks to (hopefully) make up for revenue impacts on weekends when capacity limits will hurt, it’s a great move. Midweek passes, if they exist, are often just one of a list of options when buying. I really like how Loon give this pass some love.

Saddleback Test Drive Pass
With the resort reopening, the Test Drive Pass is designed to turn skeptics about the mountain’s ability to bounce back into believers. A clever idea and honest not a bad way to frame any sort of 3- or 4-pack targeted at luring passholders or skiers from other mountains to give your hill a shot.

Sugar Bowl Hits Pause on Passes
As Vail Resort rolled out their plans, Sugar Bowl wanted to position against them and not force their skiers into a reservation system. So, to keep pass sales at an appropriate level, they hit pause on pass sales just a few days ago. I think it’s a really interesting move that preserves the experience for passholders as well as you could hope. Would not be surprised to see other resorts follow suit if pass demand has outpaced potential capacity.

Jackson Hole v Lodging v Mountain Collective
Jackson Hole announced their plans for the winter (definitely give this a read), but this line was an important one along similar lines as Sugar Bowl.

As of today, we have temporarily paused selling all public Season Pass products while we work with our lodging partners to assist those guests who already have made reservations to come to Jackson this winter.

There was another interesting insight re: Mountain Collective in the comments section.

Lots of good stuff happening out there, send along anything you see. Would love to hear more about what folks are trying.

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