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One video with 400,000 views, one mountain coaster with 4 hour wait times.

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What a brand, what a place, what a mountain. If there’s one resort that keeps climbing my priority list, they’re it. Pretty soon, it won’t have any higher to go.

But it’s not just the skiing that’s intrigued me, it’s their summer offering as well.

Specifically, The Pipe.

Now, true to the headline of this post, let’s dig deeper into this interesting correlation between one piece of content that has gone ballistic and a number to describe its popularity that is just as incredible.

Let’s start with the latter.

Now, before we go any further can I point out something?
August 5 is a Friday.

So how did this happen? How did a summer attraction at a winter resort manager to create 5-hour lines on a Friday in August? Well, one thing that didn’t hurt is this video.

Now viewed over 422,000 times, this video was launched in March and only gained momentum leading up to the official opening of The Pipe on May 21.

I think nearly every stop of this was brilliantly played by Revelstoke. But specifically on four points.

First, they went with an upgraded coaster. Rather than something that looks like an actual roller coaster, they chose a style that makes you feel like Leia ripping around the Forest Moon of Endor.

Second, they went all-in on the coaster. Not just a dawdle down a beginner run, the thing is almost a mile long and drops nearly 1,000 feet. And they placed it so the views showcased the best of the resort.

Third, they didn’t show too much. No top-to-bottom POV, they held back enough in their launch video to make sure that the only way to experience the whole thing was to actually come and ride the whole thing.

Fourth, they didn’t hide their wait times.

On the one hand this is a smart way to set visitor expectations before they are unpleasantly surprised after a long drive.

But it’s also a powerful display of social proof. Why are there not just hundreds of people waiting to ride this coaster, but hundreds of people doing so knowing full well they’ll have to wait four hours?

Powerful stuff.

Perfect Storm
It’s been incredible to watch.

Even more fascinating is that it almost seems they’ve backed off their marketing. Very few new photos, very little in the way of actually telling people to try it.

The product is amazing, the launch was just as good, and the momentum is incredible. Fun to watch.

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