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You should listen to these two podcasts with Christian Knapp.

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When I share stuff that takes time to listen to or watch, I try to keep it short. I’ll do the same today.

I’ve noticed something interesting. When members of this industry talk to other members of this industry, they use a certain tone and a unique lexicon. But when members of the industry are asked to talk to skiers? Or certain types of media outlets? They talk…well…differently. They have to either drop, or at the least explain, certain words. This forced thought about their words gets us out of the bubble a bit and leads to a refreshing, unique angle on the same stories.

I also love edited podcasts that go beyond just straight interviews and combine angles or quotes and narrative to weave together something special.

Snowboard Project + Christian Knapp
Both of the boxes were checked recently when Christian Knapp partnered up with The Snowboard Project podcast to do a “Lift Ticket” series exploring the operational side of resorts during COVID.

Episode 1 breaks down the initial impact of COVID:

Episode 2 digs into what this upcoming season could look like now that it gets closer:

Loved the insight from Christian, loved the unique network of connections he brought to the table, and really loved the end result of everything cut together into a unique story.

Definitely worth a listen.

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