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Photoshop for Scrappy Ski Marketers: Joe Myers Showcases the Miracle of Masking

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When it comes to resort design, it’s hard to find better talent or a better dude than Joe Myers. Pick 10 of your favorite resort websites and chances are good a few of them (if not more) will be Joe’s handiwork.

But rather than dazzle with the written word, Joe has created a series of three, video tutorials for resort marketers. Based on common needs and questions, he’ll be covering:

  • Save for Web
  • Layers & Layer Effects
  • Masking Techniques

If those sound boring to you, get over it. These are skills that, if acquired, will save you endless headaches and make you a rockstar in the office.

Today is “Masking Techniques”…enjoy.

P.S. – Lest you judge this book by its cover, the header image was not created by Joe. He would design something much better looking…and probably use a different picture of himself.

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