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Peek’n Peak’s simple solution to a pesky problem.

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The other day, I’m writing some copy and found myself stuck when trying to type words “sneak peek” in my second paragraph.

A lot of humans (myself very much included) struggle with those combinations of words. They sound alike but some use “ee” instead of “ea” or “ea” instead of “ee”. English, it turns out, is a pretty horrific language when it comes to what should be simple phonetics.

Which is a challenge if the name of your resort is, say, Peek’n Peak.

In fact, when I wrote the title for this post, I misspelled it. A tough situation to be in if, say, you’d like folks to be able to type your URL and head to your website.

In such a situation, you’ve got a few options. The first one an overambitious marketer might turn to would be a rebrand. But Peek’n Peak is a well-known brand that’s easy to say, easy to remember, and carries a ton of equity.

So they did something different. Something much smarter.

Notice their solution in that tweet? It’s based on a simple idea.

One of the only time it really makes a meaning full difference whether they spell it right or not, is when they’re trying to get to Peek’n Peak’s website.

So what did they do? They took out the points of confusion – “ea” and “ee” – so the URL to their website is simply:

It’s such a small thing, but it’s also such a smart thing. And a really clever solution to a challenge that didn’t exist when the resort first opened in 1964.

I’m not 100% sure whether they did this back when they first got on the web or it’s a recent change, but whenever it happened and whoever came up with the idea, I tip my hat to them.

Very well played.

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