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Not the first, but Park City’s version is one of the best.

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Over the years many resorts have done some variation of pulling back the curtain, revealing to the general public some unknown or underappreciated aspect of the sport they love.

But I want to highlight one I came across last week that stood out on first view and had an interesting reason why as I rewatched.

Here’s the video.

Really well made, it has two things you’d expect.

A Person
This is huge. People like to interact with other humans. They can relate to other humans. And putting a face on something previously faceless – freshly groomed slopes – is the perfect foundation for this story.

It then drives much more meaning into this previously overlooked thing by not just showing how someone does it and what they use to do it, but how much they care about their craft.

But the most interesting thing here is what you see as this story unfolds.

  • Beautiful scenery
  • Close ups of the corduroy
  • Slow mo of equipment
  • Interviews with a cat driver

Pop quiz: what is missing from this list that doesn’t show up until nearly 2/3 of the way through this video? And once it arrives, what’s the ratio of GS turns to snowplows or basic, beginner turns?


Slow Down
As much as we love to talk about carving fast, smooth turns on corduroy, you know who may benefit the most from such a smooth, consistent surface?

Beginners, kids, families…

That massive chunk of our customer base that sometimes gets overlooked with the way we typically talk about skiing simply because we haven’t been in their shoes for so long.

My favorite aspect of this video is that Park City was able to get out of their core-skier heads for a minute and see that for every former racer ripping GS turns, there are hundreds of people who may appreciate that freshly groomed surface even more.

That’s a story worth telling, and the Park City marketing team told it beautifully.

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