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One Ski Celeb, One Shack, One Story: Embedded

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As I speak, or type, Mike Douglas, the “godfather of freeskiing,” is perched in a shack on the top of Whistler/Blackcomb. His mission, that he chose to accept, is to document the opening of this massive mountain for the 2011/2012 season. Here’s how the website for Embedded (that’s the name of the promo) describes how it works:

Armed with only his computer, his camera and his sleeping bag, the “Godfather of Freeskiing” documents the Inside Story of Whistler Blackcomb in the days before Opening…Embedded on the frontlines, standing watch for winter, Mike’s daily video gets you closer than anyone has ever been inside the story of Whistler Blackcomb. Winter 2011.12. It’s here.

That’s it: a celeb skier documents the story of this mountain coming out of her summer hibernation (sorta, Whistler’s mtn biking scene is going off too, but that’s another story). Here’s Mike’s first installment:

With the crew at Whistler behind the scenes promoting the gig, and one of their main ads displaying on, Greg Wright of Freeskier gave me his thoughts on the promotion:

“We want more of this. More good content. And good content doesn’t need to be produced by Brain Farm shot from a helicopter on a RED camera. Each of these videos will be shot by one person, edited at night and turned around by the next morning. Every resort out there can afford to do this. And every resort out there has a story to tell. Give us that, and we will endorse it.”

There you have it. Good content + story = something people (and major ski news sites) are looking for. Can’t wait to watch episode two when it is released later today.

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