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With no snow and record heat, Jay Peak delivered one of the best content campaigns ever.

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Right when I don’t think Jay Peak could get any higher on my favorites list, they go out and do something like this.

But let’s set the scene before pulling up the curtain.

It’s December. In Vermont. Yes, that same Vermont December where record heat blanketed the state week after week after week. Jay is open, but barely. Here’s how Jay’s Steve Wright said it:

“The recent slow start to winter has all of us here at the mountain crossing our fingers, burning piles of whatever we can legally get our hands on and thanking the unthankable that we have a 50k square foot indoor waterpark to use as a crying towel. So while the terrain we do have available is pretty good, and snowmaking will allow us to expand a bit headed into the holiday week, area businesses are also feeling the sharp point of a slow-to-start-season. While we compete for business on several fronts, our community is too small for us not to recognize that as we-go, so do they.”

And by “they” he is referring to something every ski area relies on: the businesses that don’t just help Jay, but rely on Jay. It’s rare for a resort to humbly acknowledge the importance of their position, but that’s what Steve did.

Then it took it a step further.

“To that end, we want to make sure that you take the opportunity to explore when you visit this holiday…
We’ll be using Facebook to highlight a special business each day of the week headed into the holiday periods… Obviously, we feel the mountain does a pretty good job of offering all sorts of things, but if you miss the opportunity to expand your sights, then you’ll miss a good portion of what we think makes a Jay Peak vacation special. The Jay Way may start at the mountain, but it winds through all of us here in the community.”

And then, they did it.

Dec 17, Sheady Acres

Dec 18, The Belfry

Dec 19, Phineas Swann Bed & Breakfast Inn

Dec 20, Grampa Grunts Lodge

Dec 21, Big Jay Tavern

Dec 22, The INN

Dec 23, The Snow Shoe Lodge & Pub

Dec 24, Miso Hungry

Dec 25, No post.

Dec 26, Jay Village Inn & Restaurant

Dec 27, Couture’s Maple Shop and Bed & Breakfast

Dec 28, The Snow Job

Dec 29, Jay Snowmobile Adventures

Dec 30, Jay Peak Souvenirs

Dec 31, The Woodshed Lodge

Jan 1, Buster’s Bed-N-Biscuit / Ruff-N-If Doggie Daycare

Each featured a simple, sincere, concise description of the business followed by a link to their website. Stuff like this.

“One of the closest lodgings to the resort, The Woodshed Lodge offers rustic, family run accommodations at affordable prices. Viewed by many returning guests as a “home away from home”, vistitors can enjoy a quaint and quiet getaway, surrounded by 25 acres of secluded woodland. Located part way up the mountain on Route 242 on the right, as you head up the hill from the Jay Town side.”

The town feels loved and appreciated, skiers realize that Jay understand’s their role without abusing it, Jay gives their skiers new reasons to come and new things to explore, and the tide lifts everyone together.

Amazing, simple, powerful campaign. Great work.

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