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Dear resort marketers who aren’t on social media, it’s okay…really.

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As I’ve documented from time to time during the SlopeFillers journey, I’ve struggled with social media.

On the one hand, it was absolutely perfect timing when I got this site started. Between the budding community of resort marketers I could engage with to the endless data it provided me to analyze and share, social media played a huge role in my success.

But along the way I realized something: I really don’t like using it all that much.

A Quote That Speaks to Me
The other day I saw a quote that really spoke to one of the things I’ve struggled with:

“Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.”

Some people love sharing everything they do. They love taking a photo, writing a tweet, sharing a funny moment through every hour of ever day.

But for me? Much of that just didn’t fit who I was. The joy in the journey for me was lost if I was always trying to document it.

Lately, I’ve realized how many marketers there are out there like me who just don’t dig social media for personal use but, given various reasons, feel guilty or worried that this lack of tweeting and posting will hurt them.

It’s Okay, Really
I’m in the unique situation where I get to speak one-on-one with many, many resort marketers on a regular basis. And I’ll you what, for every great marketer who thrives on social media and does their work publicly, there are a dozen equally great marketers who do their work in relative obscurity.

And for every time I’ve heard of someone getting a sweet new gig because of the online brand, I’ve heard of dozens getting the nod on that promotion because of their offline hustle.

Because they do great work.

Don’t get me wrong, networks are crazy powerful. But networks are not exclusive to social media vernacular. After all, a phone call or personal email is usually much more powerful than a tweet. So keep hustling, keep doing great work, keep connecting with your peers, keep expanding your circle, but don’t sweat the social media side if it’s not your jam.


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