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My Marketing Apology (& Compliments) to Jackson Hole

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A couple months ago I, in fairly direct language, asked Jackson Hole to market to me. The request came because, as a rider in a bike race that finished in their base village, I hadn’t seen a single scrap of marketing communications sent my way from their HQ. Oh the difference a month makes. Saturday was that race. Rather than receiving my usual slice of humility, I got the whole pie this time around.

Slice One: The Welcome Bag Triple Threat
My swag bag for the race was full or all sorts of goodies: electrolyte tablets, chamois cream, coupons for Great Harvest bread, and then, oh, three pieces of marketing from the good folks at Jackson Hole Marketing resort. Yes, three. Here’s what I found.

First, this lovely brochure chock full of summer activity ideas at Teton Village. Cyclists have a lot of money and are ready for some well-deserved, post-race respite on Sunday. Lovely move to include this in the swag bag each rider receives.

Second, I also found this coupon for $4.00 of an Aerial Tram ride at the resort. A great activity for cyclists whose “day after” legs may or may not resemble cylindrical hunks of cheese, not that my legs ever feel like that, that’s just what I hear.

Third, they also included a coupon that riders could use to book next year’s lodging at 15% off. If I ride next year, you can bet I’ll use this coupon.

So, to recap, their offers included something to do quickly on Sunday to keep them at the resort, a long list of other things to do once they were there, and an offer to bring them back: a solid triple threat. I thought that Jackson Hole was missing the boat. I was wrong. They were just taking a different route and taking advantage of the cards they were dealt. Well played, JHMR, well played.

Slice 2-6: The Race
The rest of my humble pie was served in the form of a head cold, a head wind, four missing bolts that forced my only riding partner that made it into the race out at mile 35, hot afternoon temps, and [shoot me an email for the complete, detailed excuse list]. After 125 miles of work, my body said no more and I called it quits.

At least I got a blog post out of it. Right?

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