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Three Skiing Lessons from Cycling Motivation: A Custom, Personal Motivator in Every Marketing Message

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Motivation is a tricky thing. It’s what we hope to do as marketers, but it’s a mysteriously little bit of human behavior. As such, I try to notice the things that motivate me. The things that, when indulgent alternatives exist, still get me to here or there or doing this or that.

This is no more true than with cycling: a sport where I regularly (and willfully) push my body to its physical limit with no external voices telling me to do so.

This week I want to share three things from my cycling life that have motivated me and a few very simple ways (I’m not kidding, I’m keeping these insanely straightforward) resorts could apply them.

What it Is
During my last season as I high jumper I had a goal: jump 7′. While I never hit that goal, I piece of paper with the number was always in my shoe to remind me of my target.

Such is the case with cycling.

Since moving to Colorado I’ve been trying to hit a specific time on a specific ride. This year I’m close than ever – within a minute – and I feel like it could happen.

Why it Motivates Me
This is why even after I’ve already done my one race of the year, I’m still pushing myself to the brink to chase this goal.

Goals are a huge motivation for humans and especially me as a cycling. More often than not, it’s the potential of reaching one that gets me onto the bike when I’m cozy on the couch at home.

Accomplishing things are satisfying for the human body, but so are the penultimate acts of trying and getting closer.

What Resorts Can Do About It
What if in September, right when the ski sales are ramping up and first snow is falling, you sent an email to your passholders challenging them to make a goal?

Then what if that was saved as a custom field in your database and then with each email send them this year was compared against their actual days skied? And, one step further, what if you sent them a congratulatory message and prize once they hit it?

That way, every message you send to them would not only come with an offer or helpful bit of info, but a personal, real element of motivation that would give them one extra reason to come back to the mountain.

About Gregg & SlopeFillers
I've had more first-time visitors lately, so adding a quick "about" section. I started SlopeFillers in 2010 with the simple goal of sharing great resort marketing strategies. Today I run marketing for resort ecommerce and CRM provider Inntopia, my home mountain is the lovely Nordic Valley, and my favorite marketing campaign remains the Ski Utah TV show that sold me on skiing as a kid in the 90s.

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