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Morphie Partners with Mammoth: Content Creation + Product Snowcase^2 = Winning?

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Trying to capture the market leftovers that GoPro leaves behind is a tall order. Morphie entered the scene a few years ago with the Outride, a waterproof and mountable case that turns a smart phone into a POV camera.

At $150 for the Outride case against a $199 White Edition GoPro’s, it’s probably a lost cause. As a commenter noted on one of the videos below:

“Why would you risk a $500 phone to take vids half as good or less then a goPro…which is under $200”

Yet, they keep on chugging along and trying to tap into the market. Their latest move is a partnership with Mammoth. The details are, of course, unknown, but this gist is a series of video filmed at Mammoth (most of the footage is not shot using their product, however).

A few examples:

So far, the 8 videos have snagged a little over 40,000 combined views.

Is this a success? For Mammoth, I’d say yes. Some quality content created for their channel driven by the motivation of a third party to show off their product.

Pretty simple partnership, but one that has led to an apparently positive boost to their video marketing.

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