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Mission Ridge created a photo-worthy reason to visit.

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We live at a time where the photos people take aren’t the things that document someone’s adventures, the photo is the reason they go on the adventure in the first place.

If you can create compelling, photographable visuals? You can draw a crowd.

These intentially unique, fun visuals are still fairly rare in our industry despite this trend, but Mission Ridge has one that’s one a look.

Snow + Sculpture + Lights
The recipe for this visual is simple:

  • Start with snow
  • Sculpt it into something cool
  • Shine some fun, colored lights on it

I think that last part – the lights – is super important. Snow sculptures are cool, but really hard to take pictures of in anything but a sliver of ideal lighting each day.

It’s not that it looks terrible, it just looks flatter than it should.

But shine some lights on it? And suddenly it becomes impossible to take a bad pic.

Post-COVID this strategy is something every resort should take a look at to capitalize on the folks who (still) just want to get outside and play and got a taste of the outdoors during the pandemic.

Create something that gets folks a lot of likes when they share it and they will.

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