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Seven season pass marketing “must reads.”

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Season passes have always been a topic I’ve enjoyed studying.

So with season pass season coming up and Vail probably announcing an acquisition in the coming days/weeks to bolster their momentum as they launch theirs, I wanted to recap some of the best insights on the subject from both here and other research I’ve done.

If someone uses their season pass X times, what’s the likelihood they’ll renew their pass?
A lot of really interesting ideas have come from this chart. Sort of a “where it all began” sort of thing.
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Date Driven Deadlines vs Limited Quantities: Which is the Better Pass Pusher?
Should you say “only 200 left” or “only $200 until tomorrow?” A solid question indeed.
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Squaw’s Tom Feiten Explains Why Season Pass Rollover Days are Here…to Stay
An interesting concept behind use, renewals, weather, and skier behavior.
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How hard is it to get a season passholder back after they skip a season?
Short answer? Hard. Take a look.
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Make a party out of spending money: I think Mt Rose may be onto something.
Spending money hurts. Mt Rose throws a party to make it hurt slightly less.
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How many guests skiing at one mountain actually own a season pass to another?
Was a simple, interesting question that I was a bit surprised by when i pulled the numbers.
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Testing the Theory That Spring Pass Sales Filter Skiers by Stoke
Spring pass buyers are most likely to renew, but does that correlate to usage?
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