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Map or Map + Snow, Propeller Layers Art with Technology in New propMAPS Product

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With a handful of new (or somewhat new) map products crossing my desk as of late, I’m giving five such bits of tech a chance to tell their story this week.

1) Map Product Name
propMAPS, propMAPS +snow

2) Description
propMAPS enable any resort to embed a fully featured interactive resort map on any page to allow guests to explore the resort and to see real-time trail and lift status from any device. Clients provide us with the map artwork and content for each point, and we build and host the map. We then provide the client with an embed code which they can add to any page and share with other sites.

The product is evolving already into two versions. One is strictly the map. The other is a combination of the map plus snow report in one view. We also offer the snow reporting as a stand-alone product we call propSNOW which provides a stand-alone embeddable conditions report.

Each can be driven by our mobile friendly control panel, or we can integrate with an existing conditions reporting system that provides a feed for us to pull in from. The responsive control panel enables the client to add and modify map points plus the the current status of points on the map such as trails and lifts, and to also update the content associated with any point from any device.

On deck will be photo, video, and 360 media integration which is expected for fall 2015.

3) How It’s Different
While the design is modern, clean and mobile friendly, what’s probably most unique about the product is its versatility. It can be added to virtually any page using an embed code, so its as simple as adding a Youtube video.

The product is evolving rapidly and we will soon launch propMAPS+snow that combines the map with snow reporting. This was a natural evolution for the product and further differentiates it from any other.

Although clients will have the ability to update their own maps, we provide full support, which includes unlimited training and map updates. All software updates and upgrades included in annual subscription.

4) Resort Clients
We just launched the product in May 2015 so while we have orders in, we don’t have any live yet.

5) Live Example
We currently have only the solo map on demo but in the next week we will have the propMAPS +snow combo demo ready.

6) Screenshots / Videos




7) What to Do if Interested
Visit or call 802 864 8251.

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