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When it comes to naming things, Loveland did it right.

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Every resort has to name something sometime.

Sometimes, by the nature of the beast, you’ve just gotta get the concensus from your team directly. Other times, that requirement doesn’t exist. For the most part, lifts fall into that category.

Now, yes, there is always the chance of a Boaty Mcboatface…

…but remember, that was a brilliant PR move that created more visiblity than anyone could have dreamed. It was the reaction (not honoring the results) that made some call it a #fail (for the record, I’m not one of them…I still think it was a huge win).

Lessons learned from that, I think getting the community involved is an awesome way to strengthen the relationship between mountain and guest.

Loveland’s New Lift
Loveland was getting their first-ever high-speed lift. And, so being, they needed a name:

Now, notice a few things:

  • They’ve reserved the ability to choose their favorite
  • There’s something in it for the community
  • They’ve started with enough time to give the community a chance to get involved

That last one is an important point. Notice that the tweet above was posted at the end of June and they didn’t announce the name until July 31.

Was there a ton of “buzz” around the contest? Not necessarily. Did it “go viral” during that month? No. But that’s not how you should judge this effort.

A great name was chosen, the community feels ownership of the decision, and Loveland skiers were engaging with the mountain during the warmer summer months.

Sounds like a solid win to me.

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