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I really, really like the video Loon used to introduce their new terrain.

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New terrain, it’s kind of a big story for resorts. But it’s also a tricky story.

Your skiers may know every inch of every other trail, but this terrain is foreign to them and will be until they strap on skis this winter for the grand opening of the expansions. And it’s not just a new restaurant or hotel, it’s a mountain that covers hundreds of acres of twists and turns and ups and downs.

So how do you get them as excited about and immersed in this area as they are in other parts of your mountain but do it in a way that’s worthy of the story you’re trying to tell?

Drone + Graphics

There have been many approaches to this over the years, but Loon took an approach that I really like.

They started with the classic drone footage we’ve not come to expect when resort’s are trying to show a broad view across large chunks of their mountain, but the twist is that they added some simple, clean graphics to highlight what goes where.

Instead of just beautiful flythroughs of the trails, they use graphics to give those trails context first and they follow that up with a flythrough once the viewer understands how it all fits together.

Zooming In

I especially love the sequence, from seconds 7-20 where they start with a graphic showing where the new lift is:

location of lift

They show the trails in relation to it:

overlay on runs

And then zoom in for that flythrough of an individual trail:
drone flythrough of run

Drone footage is such a powerful tool for resort marketers, but Loon added clear, easy-to-follow graphics on top of that footage to make this terrain expansion video as effective as it is inspiring.

Nice work, Loon team.

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