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Loon’s video series about their new 8-pack lift is completely fabulous.

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We’ve talked about it a dozens times: when you invest in some big, awesome improvements, it’s time to invest in some big, awesome marketing.

When that lodge is done or the hotel welcomes it’s first guest, then your message and marketing investment will change. But now? You’ve got a perfect window of time to take folks along, pull back the curtain, and build anticipation that makes a grand opening that much more meaningful and effective.

And that’s exactly what Loon has done with their new lift.

No Ordinary Lift

As Peter from LiftBlog pointed out, this is no ordinary lift. Just check out the base terminal.

Those images are pretty impressive, right?

Well, those aren’t from some fancy deck or schematic, it’s from their latest video series they’ve spun up to cover the construction of this incredible piece of technology.

Take a few minutes to watch those and enjoy. Really impressive stuff.

One Thing to Notice

Yes, the video quality is great. Yes, the visuals are incredible. Yes, it’s fascinating information.

But notice how many people they got on camera. That’s awesome because it adds a really cool combination of perspectives on the build, but it’s also extremely rare because it’s hard. Every person you interview takes some setup, audio checks, etc. to capture their shots, but it also takes longer to piece all those insights together during editing to create a nice, cohesive narrative.

Combined all this stuff together – including the amazing lift itself – and you’ve got an amazing bit of marketing that is getting some impressive viewership and engagement.

Nice work, Loon.

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