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Lift served biking, hiking, and…camping?

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Sometimes themes arise in the resort marketing world I have a view of. This is one of those times.

The word “experience” can be over/misused and certainly has been on many occasions, but like every buzzword, there’s a reason it catches the eye of so many folks at the same time.

In our case, this word describes a departure from trying to fill our seasons with mere activities and a focus on creating experiences.

Two Ends
But experiences fall on a spectrum.

On the one side is Tonga Lumina that I wrote about a few days ago.

On the other is something like this.


Here’s how it goes:

“Your camping experience starts at 4 pm at the base of the Timber Chair. then Ride the chairlift to your camping area to set up your campsite (hosts are available to assist) then enjoy a guided hike followed by a raclette dinner at Lost Boys Cafe and S’mores by the campfire. The next morning its breakfast at Lost Boys Cafe, pack up camp, and then make your way back down on the chairlift, or explore the mountain more by hiking and sightseeing. Mountain Goats are often seen in this area. – See more at:”

Notice that third word?

It’s a really simple concept. Add great food to the joys of sleeping outside and the novelty of riding a chairlift to access a camping spot and you’ve got yourself a nice little experience.

Even more, it’s one that commands a higher price ($150/person) than you’d ever get from camping alone, makes the most of on-mountain dining facilities, an doesn’t require much in the way of investment or risk to get up and running.

Good stuff.

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