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Ticket & Pass Sales
Kudos to Liberty for this brilliantly made Halloween pass promo.

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I like to keep these holiday posts short, but I can’t say enough good things about this video from Liberty.

Seriously. Give it a watch.

Content that promotes season pass deadlines is nothing new. I could share dozens, if not hundreds, of efforts toward that goal from the last couple months alone.

But this is nothing like those.

Clearly Liberty has a budding filmmaker on staff, clearly they gave this person the freedom to do things that are more creative than purely ROI-driven, and the result of these two things was an extremely well made video that stood out from those dozens and hundreds I mentioned earlier.

Erring on a Different Side
Is this a case of me appreciating the effort more than their audience? Perhaps.

But it’s so easy to err on the side of ROI, I love that Liberty went big on creativity and let their staff explore those boundaries a bit.

The result is awesome and, if I weren’t 2,000 mile away this morning, I’d stop by and give them a high five. Nice work.

And Happy Halloween. :)

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