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Kimberley’s simple billboard series is completely awesome.

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Spoiler alert: I like simple marketing.

I don’t always achieve it, it’s not always possible, but I always strive for it and I always appreciate it when I see it.

Some billboards on the way to and around Kimberly are a perfect example of this.

Simple, Funny, Meaningful

Let’s take a look at a couple of these and then let’s dig into why I love them so much.

kimberly billboard
source: @SkiKimberley

another kimberly billboard
source: @SkiKimberley

Three things stand out to me on these.

First, billboards can’t do much in the tiny sliver of time most folks have to glance at them. You’ve gotta keep it visually simple and glanceable. They’ve done exactly that. Keeping it simple as makes it easy to keep it on brand so your market knows they’re all from the same place.

A little humor goes a long way. In this case, they’re just using some playful language to bring a little smile to at least some of the people who read it.

But it’s not just humor and simplicity for the sake of humor and simplicity, these billboards reinforce key attributes of the resort. In this case, lots of ways to have a great time and avoid crowds while doing it.

A Starting Point

Again, this level of simplicity is not always possible. But I’ve found that it’s a great starting point.

Maybe you’ll expand your campaign as you go, but you’ll be intentionally adding each element instead of starting with complexity and never exploring whether it could be sent more succinctly or more directly.

Because when it comes to billboards, you need both. Nice work Tourism Kimberley.

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