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Jay Peak’s August Fest Weekend Twitter Experiment: By the Numbers

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With the Jay Peak Twitter experiment now in the books, let’s take a gander at some of the numbers from their weekend handover. We can’t talk to each follower individually to see what they thought, but hopefully a few basic stats can give us some helpful insights.

For each metric I’ve taken only what happened between August 10 and August 13, 2012 and compared it to the same weekend periods (August 3 – 6, July 27 – 30, etc.) for the previous 7 weekends. I’m still testing my @reply/mention and RT counting tool, so they may not be perfect, but should be pretty close.

To view the whole enchilada on Storify, here’s the link (thanks, Alex):

New Followers: 6
7-Week Average: 8.14
Thoughts: No real change from the average here, the experiment did some things but didn’t seem to have any effect of follower counts.

New Tweets: 79
7-Week Average: 1.00
Thoughts: Jay hadn’t really tweeted during the weekends…at all. Some people expressed concerns that the experiment would be a departure from the consistent behavior followers might expect from a brand. This could be some cause for concern if users are okay with and only expect a few tweets.

Total Retweets: 72
7-Week Average: 4.71
Thoughts: With more good content going out, more people interacted with it. Total retweets for the weekend were 15x higher than normal. Total tweets were 79x higher than normal which could be a talking point.

@ Replies/Mentions
Total Replies/Mentions: 39
7-Week Average: 5.71
Thoughts: Same goes for replies and mentions of the brand. Totals here were 6x higher than recent weekends.

Klout Score Change: +1.96
3-Week Average: -0.71
Thoughts: Only three weeks of data here (from Jay’s public Klout page, as a reminder, I can’t store this data for more than 7 days) but if you have any faith or belief in Klout (no matter what you think they measure), the positive movement during that weekend was clearly opposite of what Jay was seeing before during their low-activity stretches between work weeks.

In the end, I think it played out about as expected. I wouldn’t be surprised if the slightly lower than normal follower increase is due to a couple extra unfollows by people who only follow a few accounts and got turned off by a feed filled with Jay updates. The rest of the stats, however, were encouraging. A good amount of feedback and engagement for just a few days of tweeting.

No jaw-dropping figures but no major red flags either.

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