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Jackson Hole’s new In Plain Sight video is perfectly imperfect.

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There is a time and place for footage of incredible skiers skiing at the highest level in the most pristine snow on amazing terrain.

As an industry I think we’ve done a great job and tipping the scales toward a more balanced content lineup that features just as much skiing “for the rest of us” as these inspirational angles.

But a new video from Jackson flips the script on this a little.

In Plain Sight
The new video brings together some of those incredible skiers skiing at the highest level on amazing terrain.

And the premise – pulled from the video description – is awesome:

“This is the story about skiers without backpacks and beacons, the skiers who shred in bounds. This is a celebration of bumps, groomers, big airs, secret stashes and ripping turns with friends at the Big One.”

And with a very Warren Miller-esque vibe, it’s extremely well done and covers a lot of ground for a sub 5-minute edit.

My Favorite Part
But what I love the most about this video is what it doesn’t have. Because one simple thing is missing from most edits with skiers like this…

Flawless conditions and deep, untracked powder.

I love that the most extreme aspect of this video is how extremely normal the conditions are. They cruise through week-old bumps, you hear their edges dig into hardpack, they find a few pockets of powder but not untouched fields. The sun is out sometimes, it’s flat other times.

In other words, Jackson Hole is inspiring folks to come without overpromising what they’ll find when they arrive. Hard to do, but they’ve pulled it off beautifully.

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