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It kinda blows my mind…

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Nine years.

The first SlopeFillers post dropped during the summer of 2010. Today, 1,615 posts later, I’m blown away that it’s still going.

Think about that number for a second and connect the dots to what I write about.

That number isn’t a testament to me, it’s a testament to you. Because a collection of thousands of examples of great marketing can’t exist is there aren’t thousands of examples of great marketing out there in the first place.

The kind of marketing that you create.

So, as I take a quick moment of pause to reflect on the last almost-decade, I wanted to say thanks for doing such amazing stuff so i always had something to write about.

It kind blows my mind that, even still, there’s always a new campaign or tactic or idea for me to cover because you (and the rest of this industry) are always turning on the creative afterburners and coming up with a new campaign or tactic or idea to try.

Keep it up, and I will to.

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