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Update: Ski Resort Social Media Dashboards – Part Deux (v2.0)

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About a month and a week ago I released v1.0 of the social media dashboards. A way for resorts to get a quick snapshot of where they rank in the ski industry when it comes to social media. They were far from perfect, but with so many rankings coming out for state, regional, and national levels, I needed something to keep all this data in the same place for resorts. With v2.0, I really wanted to show the next step: growth and changes in rankings. Here’s the goods.

Ranking Changes

Knowing your resorts rank was great, but if you were working hard to improve it, quickly identifying if you had succeeded was something that was missing in the last version. Version 2.0 includes arrows and lines to indicate improvements, drops, or no change at all compared to your rankings the previous month.

Monthly Growth

With multiple months of data, showing how much a resort’s fan/follower/view count is growing was an piece I wanted to make available.

Growth Averages

Growth rates in the ski industry fluctuate as the some comes and goes. With industry wide averages, I hope this will give resorts a better idea of how good or poor their growth is.

So, there you have it, version 2.0. Here’s the link to check it out:

Here’s a quick example (Bromley, VT):

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