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IKON’s fall YouTube pre-roll campaign keeps it simple and slick.

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I’ve talked a lot about YouTube pre-roll videos over the last couple years.

It really has become a go-to strategy for any resort (or group of resorts) that is looking to compliment messaging across channels, keep their name on the top of folks’ minds, and do so in a way that combines un-muted video with a solid visual to stick in folks brains.

Ikon has done this quite a bit recently and, which another deadline looming, they did it again with a short, 15-second edit.

I think it’s easy to overthink these videos, and while the motion graphics on this are nothing to sneeze at, the concept is thoughtfully concise and to the point. Take, for example, the text:

It’s On
And the Mountains
Together Again
Own the Stoke

Dead simple.

And then the colors? Heavy…EXTRA heavy…on the IKON blue+yellow combo.

The music? Upbeat.

Paid views? Over 210,000.

The result is a tidy little message that is unmistakable IKON, clearly positive, and beautifully simple.


Let’s end on that word. Simple.

Boil down the message, put it in a tidy little package, make sure it matches the medium, and then…

Promote the daylights out of it.

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