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Ikon adds a lovely dose of inclusivity with their latest pre-roll ad.

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Diversity. Inclusion. Kindness.

These are all things right now. Good things. Things that I believe in 100%.

As a marketer, though, I occasionally read things from folks that go something like this:

“Is it possible to be inclusive and not alienate your audience? Or is there a risk to your message if you’re overly inclusive?”

I certainly get where these sentiments are coming from. After all, for decades resort marketers have been searching for photos that don’t contain a single off-core detail. So being, marketers have been called out for including photos of skiers that don’t look or dress or walk or carry their skis exactly like us.

So straying from that safe, comfortable voice is…well…a bit unnerving for some.

But if you want to speak to a new audience, you’ve got to speak their language. This is certainly true of all never-evers, but it’s especially true of never-evers that don’t look like the vast majority of skiers on the slopes.

Yes, Ikon has a pre-roll ad that’s super heavy on the core (with 280k views). But they also have this one with 60k views and counting:

On two levels – race and ability level – this ad speaks in a voice that is very different from what we normally see in a pre-roll ad promoted to this level.

Why does it feel so different? Because it’s not talking to US.

Think on that one for a second.

Is this ad effective? Absolutely.

But I would argue that it’s so effective not in spite of being so different than other ads but because it’s so different from other ads. Being inclusive, in my book, isn’t a challenge to pull off, it’s something that can make your messages better.

Nice work, Ikon.

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