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I Ride Park City Launches New Site, New Print Ads

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Park City just launched their new “I Ride Park City” website, supporting the focus they’ve given to terrain parks at the resort. While the design is far from flashy, I really, really like it. Terrain parks are huge, but having a park doesn’t guarantee that riders will flock to your rail gardens to jib away their winter. At this point in the game, it takes marketing, good marketing, which I think Park City has done very well.

Super Simple Layout and Navigation
Aside from a simple, clean layout, four clear options in the nav area up top highlight the biggest selling points. Namely:

  1. Parks & Pipe – If you’ve got the goods like Park City, show it off.
  2. All Stars – If you’ve enlisted some big riders to call your park home like, oh, I dunno, Tom Wallisch, Scotty Arnold, and Tanner Hall, put their names up in lights as some social proof that your park rocks
  3. Events – I love seeing a dedicated spot for this. Events are huge, for both watching and competing. Glad to see this come front and center.
  4. Resort Info – So you love the stuff you’ve seen on the site? This tab lets you act on by providing directions, pass prices, etc.

I’m sure could think of other things to stick in the main nav, but I also think Park City has done a great job of identifying the core and sticking to it. I’ve always hammered that websites need to do something…they need to have a job which is why I love the fact that you can buy passes directly from this site. However, I would like to see this feature given a little bit more focus throughout in the form of a small sidebar banner that highlights season pass deals, ticket specials, etc.

Highly Visual
When you scroll down through their posts, every one of them has tons of photos and videos. Skiers are visual people, especially when it comes to parks dedicated to highly visual displays of tricks. I’m impressed by the attention they’ve given to this fact.

Also, these posts are extremely short matching the attention span of the average internet user, and below each is the listing of the rest of the posts to encourage continued browsing.  I have a feeling their site analytics are going to look awesome.

Print Ads
The print ads maintain the same visual style as the site, bridging the feel and tone as print readers come to the site. They use the big names as testimonials of the park, are easy to consume, and drive readers to the website, which, in turn, gets them psyched on the park, and hopefully motivated enough to buy a pass and give it a whirl.

My unscientific, hyper-accurate, purely opinion based, and likely biased rating (out of 10): 8.86

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