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How to Write a Blog Post in 15 Minutes

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Over the last decade, I’ve published a silly amount of content: 1,712 blog posts on SlopeFillers and another 378 on Inntopia. Not to mention weekly journals I keep for various things. Whatever modest success I’ve had, I attribute much of it to this writing. To the consistent posting schedule I’ve kept over the years.

Now, when you’re an okay writer (but not a great writer) like myself, this doesn’t happen without solving, among other things, two pesky problems:

  • Being able to create content quickly (you can’t publish 3-5x a week if you spend 5 hours on each post)
  • Being able to avoid writer’s block (you can’t stare at a blinking cursor for an hour each time you sit down to write)

Somewhere around the 200th or 300th post, I started to notice that my posts were following a simple pattern. As I continued on, now aware of the pattern, I slowly realized it was this pattern that was helping keep ideas, and words, flowing.

Sharing the Pattern
Hearing from co-workers about their own struggles to write, I taught a dozen co-workers this pattern last year. Despite the imperfect first attempt at transferring this knowledge, the results were surprisingly good.

So I taught it to a couple more people one-on-one. And the concept, and their results, got better.

Eventually, I knew I wanted to share this with a larger group. A few weeks ago when we decided to pivot Inntopia’s annual user group to an free online conference, I figured that was as good of a time as any.

Which means that on Tuesday, May 26 at 2:00pm EDT, I’m gonna give this a go:

I’d love to have you join.

The Goal
It’s not going to help you write a NY Times long-form piece during lunch, but it will help you avoid the mental block of staring at a blank page. It will help you take a topic and go from first words to final proof extremely quickly. And the result you’re left with will be 300-500 works of clean, easy-to-read content whether that’s for work or a personal project.

And, in my experience, it gives you a great starting point for writing that’s easy to expand and build upon.

Fingers crossed it – and all the other sessions – go well. It’s clear folks are hungry for information and ideas and new skills, so I’m hopeful we can deliver. See you there.

Click below for more information on the conference:

Thoughts? Ideas? Feedback? Comments are old-school, click here to grab a 15 minute slot on my calendar and let's chat.

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FYI: I'm presenting "Write a Blog Post in 15 Minutes" during Insight Online on May 26.