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How a candy company capitalized on a snowy city.

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Maybe you’ve seen this before. I hadn’t.

It came out nearly a decade ago, but once it crossed my path recently it was one of those things that took…oh…about…0.23 seconds to hit the part of my brain that latches onto the clever, the smart, the creative things in the world.

Here’s the video:

Sometimes the reason things stick out is because something within the idea was, subconsciously, already on the brain. Once you see someone crack the code, it clicks immediately.

And so it was here.

Because no more than 5-6 days before I came across this post, I had done this on a hike with my wife and kids (the light was flat, so squint a little ;):

I made one for my wife as well (I’ll spare her the experience of seeing her selfie on here), but even with those two you get the idea that was running through my brain as I got up ahead of the family a little bit to break trail:

“Hmm, that white bank of snow by the trail is just begging to be written in…what could I put in there that the kiddos would love?”

So I did, and, based on the squeals of joy that followed, they did indeed love it.

Start with the Observation, Not the Execution
The ad agency behind the snow stamp above had that same kernel of observation – fresh snow is a canvas waiting to be drawn on – but they, obviously, had a level of creativity and brilliance I did not.

But resorts are gifted with such blank canvasses regularly. Maybe it’s someone’s name, maybe it’s your logo, maybe it’s a pattern in the snow like Powder Mountain had a few years back.

However you execute on the insight, it’s certainly worth some brainstorming.

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