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Holiday Valley’s season promo is a great message and a classy dose of history.

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I love messages that aren’t just clever, but truly meaningful.

Especially if that meaning is concentrated – and perhaps exclusive – to the market it is intended for.

Let me share one such message. Then let’s dissect it a bit.

There are three pieces at play from my perspective.

First, a well-timed promo video.
Most other resorts this week and last are talking about operating plans. Heck, Holiday Valley might jump into the mix soon as well for all I know. But in the middle of all those formal, policy-heavy content I love this breath of fresh air. I love a good season promo video, and this is a solid one.

Second, a nice surface-level message.
But rather than just hype the season with folks ripping corduroy and spinning tricks, they’ve overlaid a nice little message about togetherness. About a community doing something side-by-side even if it’s socially distanced. If there was ever a time we needed some togetherness, this is it.

Third, a really cool, deeper message.
Holiday Valley’s Spencer Timkey sent me this video. I’d already saved it in my “revisit later” list of marketing I didn’t have time to dig into in the moment, but his well-timed reminder also came with a little backstory. Because the phrase “Together We Will See it Through” is not just a clever quote for an Instagram photo, it’s the tagline from a WWI poster that was hung throughout the Buffalo area.

I did a little further reading on this and found a photo from the Buffalo History Museum.

I liked the piece already, but that extra layer of meaning took this one off the charts.

Love marketing like this. Nice work, Holiday Valley.

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