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Gunstock shows it doesn’t take a lot of design to stand out.

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So you’ve got something to say. You want people to notice it. You want people to remember it. You want people to be able to connect the positive vibes from those words/pictures/whatever to all the other positive vibes from other words/pictures/whatever you’ve shared in the past.

There are many things that can further this mission. One of those things is a little extra design, consistently applied to each such effort.

And it doesn’t take much.


Some of Gunstock’s recent tweets are a great example of this. By using a consistent overlay – topo-map lines with the logo top right – they’ve created a simple, visual pattern to build on.

Sprinkle in some big, blocky letters with the color matched to the subjects in the photo and I noticed multiple of these tweets in my feed.

Not 100% Unique

Have other brands used topo lines? Yes. Have other brands used big blocky letters? Yes. Have other brands overlaid their logo? Yes.

The goal with design isn’t to be a completely unique work of art, it’s to use simple design ideas – like topo lines and blocked letters – consistently so that every post has a better chance to:

  • Stand out in someone’s feed, inbox, etc.
  • Get the message across
  • Tie everything together and back to your brand.

That’s what Gunstock did. And that’s what they got. Good stuff.

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