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I believe there is a huge opportunity for more gratitude in our marketing messages.

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I had an interesting experience today.

For the 30-40 minutes leading up to lunch I had been writing tomorrow’s annual Thanksgiving Shout Out. In other words, I had spent the better part of an hour remembering people I am grateful for and writing up reasons for my deep appreciation for who they are and what they’ve done for me.

Hungry and not finished with my post, I headed to the kitchen for a bite. It was a gray day, I hadn’t exercised a single second yet, and the snowstorm that was supposed to herald the start of winter left nothing but a skiff that was already gone.

And yet I was cheerful and positive and happy to a fault.

The Power
There is real power in appreciation that goes two ways.

For the person that expresses appreciation, as I was, it’s hard to avoid an uptick in your mood and outlook.

For the person that receives appreciation, as I experience yesterday when someone said “thank you” for a post I wrote, it’s hard to avoid an equal (if not greater) uptick in your mood and emotion.

Gratitude and appreciation are powerful antidotes to a lot of things.

The Opportunity
Given the state of online discourse and political trends, I think there’s a great opportunity for gratitude in our marketing not just tomorrow or the day after, but every message, every day.

Four years ago I came up with a list of the most effective, commonly used words in resort marketing and compared their open rates. This is stuff like:

  • Powder
  • Bluebird
  • Dumping
  • Opening day
  • Sunshine

But you know which word eclipsed all of those by nearly double? Take a look for yourself:


How about that.

Don’t Hold Back
We talk about authenticity, we talk about emotion, we talk about connecting with our guests.

And I can’t help but think that a powerful opportunity to check all three of those boxes is to infuse a little more gratitude into our marketing. Gratitude for guests, for good days, for less-than-good days, for employees, for the luck of the draw that is weather, and for health and means to enjoy the sport we love.

It may be more than a nice thing to do. It may be smart marketing.

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