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Ski Resorts Take Note: It Doesn’t Take a Big Budget to Make a Great Ad

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“As a lover of simplicity, I’ve (unsuccessfully) tried to keep a steady stream of posting coming along this topic. Marketing that shuns complexity is easier to execute, easier to track, and typically cheaper to produce. Once again I’m making a promise to myself that I’ll share more examples.”

I probably don’t pull in examples from other industries as often as I should. New perspectives, though not directly related to resort operations, help us think outside the skiing box and sparks ideas we may never come up with on our own.

This may be a basic example but it’s an example nonetheless.

The video above is an ad for Google’s Chromebook. An ultra simple, web-only OS with virtually nothing stored on the device itself means that these laptops have a long list of handy features. Now, as they spell out these features, consider how simple the recipe is for this ad:

  • Very basic editing software
  • Four still images of the product
  • Large, bold font
  • Music with a clear, steady beat
  • A clever script matching the season

You could probably come close to this final product with some clever skills in Windows Movie Maker.

Yet, this is one of the better ads I’ve seen (in any industry) in a while.

This tells me, loud and clear, that a large budget (a resource not bestowed upon all resort marketing departments) is not a requirement for a great, effective ad. The idea is the key and smart execution makes it all come together without the need to hire a big-name agency.

Keep it simple.

For more simplicity from Google and Chromebook:…

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