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Google Flexes Muscles to Boost Google+, Resort Pages Grow

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Thanks to SlopeFillers, and my daily posts, I’m cornered into making many more prophetic statements than I probably would otherwise. For instance, back when Google+ pages wen’t live in early November:

There is only one question we need to contemplate when deciding if Google+ will be worth it and that is this: how committed is Google to making this work?”

I still think that is true, especially with Google starting to flex their muscles and integrate Google+ into some of their other services and platforms like:

YouTube Integration

More of an effort to keep current users than earn new ones, but with Google+ recommendations showing up on my YouTube homepage, that’s some precious real estate that has been given a +1 treatment.

Blogger Integration

How many blogger blogs are there out there? A lot. Using Blogger to push G+ could be a big step.

Gmail Integration

A tab in Gmail that lets you sort message by “Circles” could just be the tip of the iceberg. The fact there is any crossover to Gmail at all makes me wonder what they have up their sleeve.

So, I’m back to my starting point: Google is starting to show they are serious, that they don’t want to fail. Something tells me they’ll be happy to reward the resorts (or businesses in general) that take Google+ seriously.

Now, with that out of the way, here’s an update Google+ Top 25 list (based on how many people have added that page to a circle) for your viewing pleasure:

1) Keystone Resort – 396

2) Whistler Blackcomb – 332

3) Copper Mountain Resort – 265

4) Aspen/Snowmass – 244

5) Mammoth – 216

6) Sun Valley – 210

7) Sugarloaf – 205

8) Mont Tremblant Resort – 190

9) Park City Mountain Resort – 183

10) Stevens Pass Ski Area – 179

11) Breckenridge Ski Resort – 175

12) Vail Ski Resort – 156

13) Liberty Mountain Resort – 152

14) Sunshine Village – 139

15) Crystal Mountain – 132

16) Loveland Ski Area – 127

17) Shawnee Mountain Ski Area – 123

18) Wildcat Mountain – 122

19) Attitash Mountain Resort – 120

20) Brundage Mountain – 118

21) Buck Hill – 116

22) Hunter Mountain – 117

23) Waterville Valley Resort – 112

24) Bretton Woods – 107

25) Boreal – 106

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