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Facebook Users Can Now Tag Pages in Photos: Ski Resorts Taking Advantage

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On Wednesday, Facebook accounced that they were launching a new feature, Photo tagging for Pages. Right off the bat, resorts started getting in on the act. Vail posted this on Thursday:

You can now tag Vail Mountain in your photos taken at Vail! Have a good powder shot? Pictures of you in Vail t shirts or other gear? Give it a try, if we really like the picture, maybe we’ll send you some Vail goodies!

…and has already been tagged in a bunch of photos. Squaw did the same in the late afternoon and by this morning a few people had tagged a long list of pictures from their recent Squaw adventures.

But there is a hitch, at least temporarily. According to Facebook,

“For now, only Pages within the Brands & Products or People categories brands, can be tagged in photos. We’re looking to expand this functionality to more Page categories over time.”

How can you tell what category your page is in? Look right below the text version of your page name at the top of the wall. The reason I used Burke for the image above, is because they are one of very resorts listed as in the “Product/Service” category. More than likely it will say, “Travel/Leisure” or “Sports/Recreation/Activities” as like the resorts below.

What can you do? My recommendation would be to just be patient and wait. Officially, you could change your category by clicking “Edit Page” and then clicking “Basic Information”, (it will be the first option on that page), but I have no idea what Facebook thinks of pages that suddenly go from “Activities” or “Travel” to “Products” nor do I know how that might effect your page in Facebook Places with check-ins.

So, personally, I’d give it some time, at least until we have a bit more information. Once Facebook does activate this for categories that resorts use, I think there will be lots of great opportunities that will come up. I’m excited to see how resorts use it. If you have switched over your page to a “Product/Service” to take advantage, let me know how it went. I’d be interested to hear.

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