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This Data “Against” Multiple Daily Facebook Posts is, Perhaps, Exactly Why You Should

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Last week I pulled over 25,000 resort Facebook posts from the last couple months to try to answer the question, “if a brand posts more than once a day on Facebook, do later posts see less engagement than the first?”

The simple answer is yes. each subsequent post sees less engagement than its predecessor. Here’s the chart:

Diminishing Returns

So, don’t post more than once a day on Facebook, right? Well, maybe not.

Less, not Negative
I’ll feebly attempt to illustrate this with a story.

Let’s say I hire you as my editor and say, “Okay, Slim, I’ll pay you $10 for the first hour you work each day, $9 for the second, $8 for the third, and so on.” If your alternative is to sit at home picking your nose the rest of the day, will you only work one hour? No, you’ll work all day long because even $1/hr is better than $0/hr.

The only reason you would only work an hour a day is if all you have is 1 hour a day to work.

I think it’s very similar with content and has more to do with the volume of content you want to share than anything.

If you have 3 items to share every day and your audience is happy with that, why not share all three? Why not share content and get some engagement rather than toss it in the rubbish bin and get no engagement?

Maybe there’s a reason, but not one I can think of.

But Wait!
But wait, doesn’t engagement drop because fans get tired of your posts?

I would wager no. If that were the case, the engagement chart wouldn’t reset itself every day after like it does. This is an algorithm-caused decline.

So if you only have one thing to post every day? Great. I wouldn’t force it, but don’t be afraid to post multiple times if you have more to share.

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