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Every Ski Resort Facebook Page Ranked by State / Province

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First off, I need to give credit where credit is due. A month ago I got an email from Steve Pope, owner of Epop Studio, asking if I had any data on the top Midwest ski resorts on Facebook. The truth was I had been sitting on a project for way too long that would have given me all the data he’d need and more. Rather than say, “I’ve got something in the works, just hold on” (with an indefinite target date), I said “No”. Steve went on to put together some great numbers and data in a “Utilize Technologies To Improve Guest Service & Loyalty” presentation he shared at MSAA this week.

If you have a few minutes, I’d highly recommend it:

Every North American Ski Resort on Facebook Ranked by State
When Steve asked me about inidividual state numbers, I knew he wasn’t alone with his curiosity. So, I’ve finally taken the time to gather every Facebook page of every ski resort in North America. I’m sure I’ve missed some, and not every resort had a page, but in the end I ended up with nearly 350 pages, a number that I’m sure will grow as I identify more and more resorts jump on the social bandwagon.

I’ve done this in a way that will let me automatically “harvest” these numbers each month and tag them with their state and region, automatically calculating some really awesome insights. This first version of the list is just that, a first version. Once I run the second round next month, I’ll have some sweet new stuff to unveil then as well that will benchmark a few key statistics for the industry as a whole, but also at smaller regional and state levels so resorts can get a better idea of how they are performing in the social arena.

For now, you can view a variety of “Top Facebook Lists” for US states, Canadian provinces, and North America as a whole. Here’s the list:

If you have any feedback, ideas, or bugs to report, let me know.

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