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Behind the names: Vail Resort’s latest content foray is dead simple and really smart.

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Every trail has a name. And every name has a story. Yet it amazes me how rarely these stories are told.

It’s not that your trails need their own $250,000 video series to describe why each received the title their did (though that idea with a smaller budget does get the wheels turning), but unlocking these tales certainly has legs.

Which, in a very simple format, Vail Resorts has started to do behind the hashtag, yes, you’re guessed it, #EpicNames :)

Each post relies on a simple, repeated format to not just be easy to consume, but easy to identify when glancing through a crowded feed.

  • Black and white photo.
  • Name + one-paragraph story.
  • Bottom-right logo.
  • Brand-colored overlay on the trail’s location on the map.

Here are a few more.

I really like this.

Simple stories combined with consistent branding into easy-to-product content makes a great addition to any content feed. And, being evergreen, they can reuse these tidbits of content over and over and over.

Nice work, Vail Resorts.

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