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Can a Ski Resort Launch a New Pass Product in February? A-Basin Thinks So

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When I think about timing for launching a new pass product, the first week of February doesn’t exactly occupy the first spot in my mental list of possibilities.

Yet, Arapahoe Basin did just that on February 6th.

Elevation 3-Pass
The Elevation 3-Pass, as it’s called, gives the holder 3 days of riding for $119. There are a few things I like about this pass:

A similar option, Loveland’s 4-Pack down the road, also costs $120 but is not sold at this point in the season. If someone regretted not getting a 4-Pack or simply wants to be able to take advantage of A-Basin’s insanely long season, there’s only one good option.

The pass is not only available on their site (in both their e-store and Cloudstore) but also on the Liftopia site. With a “50% off” label on the product, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it draw some extra attention there.

(After writing this post, I also got an email from Liftopia promoting the pass.)

Also smart are two possibilities for add-ons: three $15 lunch credits (at 33% off) and/or three lessons for $45 (25% off). I’d imagine the lunch credits would be the more popular option by some margin, but I’ve been wrong before (<-understatement). Why Not
A-Basin still has more season left than some resorts have during an entire winter, so why not launch a new pass when there’s no competition for customers or media attention?

I think it’s a clever move and a good value. Works for me.

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