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With a slight tweak in angle, Park City turned an average event into above-average content.

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We’re all looking for unique angles.

Sometimes we use that figuratively. You’ve got an event coming up and you’re trying to find the direction to approach it from that will most appeal to prospective guests.

But somethings, the means to that end is as simple as taking “angle” literally. Like Park City did.

Notice that it’s not even all puppy-POV, it’s about the angle a puppy would see it from. So aside from this canine getting lots of love, you’ve got low-angle shots highlighting the rest of the shots they wanted to get.

This is such simple, smart content marketing. And it is or three reasons.

First, it piggybacks (literally) on something people love: dogs.

Someone could have taken hours to craft a perfectly edited video about the parade. Interviews, dolly shots, drone angles, the works.

But people love dog. Dogs get our attention. So they took one thing people already loved and tied it to another thing they wanted to highlight to let one thing’s influence drive the other’s.

Second, it’s about a potential experience.

It’s not cute for the sake of cute, it’s showcasing something that gives leads a reason to become guests and guests something that helps them have a better experience.

It’s highlight a specific part of the experience in a fun, unique, memorable way.

Third, it’s evergreen.

This is content Park City could use over and over and over each year.

Need something to tweet in late June? Share this. Need something to include in that email promo about summer events? Link to this. Need something for the website to promote holiday weekends? Use this.

The Angle
Again, with nothing more than a tweak of angle, the 4th of July Parade video got a bit more attention than it otherwise would have.

It’s fun, it’s behind the scenes, it’s simple, and it’s memorable.

Great stuff, Park City team. Really great stuff.

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