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Do Skiers Talk About Your Resort Experiences Like This?

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After carefully time promotion and execution, the Whistler Sabbatical Project is now in the books. Two lucky winners got a month of awesomeness in Whistler courtesy of Tourism Whistler filled with slaying pow, a private condo, plus endless chances to drink, party, and explore everything about Whistler. As their adventure came to a close, one of the two winners said:

“This has ruined my life.”

Certainly, that could be taken the wrong way, but after experiencing all that Whistler had to offer, they realized that every experience from there on out would pale in comparison to what had happened during their time in Canada. Here’s the full video recap:

Covering All the Bases
The Sabbatical Project likely wasn’t cheap to execute, but gave two people the chance to do everything and tell how awesome it was. Some people can afford to do everything. Other people talk about their experience. The overlap between those two groups is small. Either you have people talking about an incomplete experience or you have people seeing the light and not sharing it.

The idea behind the project was simple: give someone the full buffet and share every word they say (well, at least the positive ones / family appropriate language). Once again, Origin was behind the scenes. Their team kept saying:

“This project reminded us why we came to whistler 15+ years ago and why we haven’t left.”

This project gave their agency, skiers, and media an reason to talk about and build buzz around their project before (as they solicited applications), during (as the winners enjoyed their prize) and after with lots of recaps, stock footage, and testimonials. A solid campaign.

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