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Why does Delta thank their “diamond and medallion members?”

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Note: This will be an experiment in short-form. Please use any time saved wisely.

If you’ve ever flown Delta, you’ve heard this phrase while taxiing.

“We’d like to thank our Diamond and Medallion members for flying with us today.”

if you’re like me, the question you always ask when you hear it is, quite simply, why?

What I want to suggest is something I talked about a few months back. Specifically, that one of the key motivators that can influence consumption habits isn’t price or quality alternatives, it’s how important it makes you feel.

Boarding first, sitting comfortably when others come on, hearing the captain talk about people like you; do these things get you to your destination any faster? Of course not. But do they make you feel important? Absolutely.

I still don’t have my brain wrapped around this idea completely, but hearing those words on a recent flight definitely added another data point to this theory and process.

Read my full take here:

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